How to Attract a Jock when You Are Far from It?

Answer You like black, spikes, coffins, chains, et cetera. He likes sports. How can you possibly get him interested? Make it clear you have a cute side, while maintaining your personality.

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Do above ground pools with filters running attract mosquitoes even when covered when not in use?

Answer NO but if water is standing on the cover that will allow mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes need still unchlorined water for the eggs to hatch

How to Attract Attention when You Need Rescuing?

There are numerous ways to attract attention when you're lost at sea, stranded on an island, lost in a forest or back country, etc. Here are some suggestions.

How to Attract a Sporty Girl when You Are Not Into Sports?

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How to Be a Jock?

Being a jock is a great thing! You are at the top of the social ladder, get a good looking girlfriend, and enjoy the benefits of having an awesome social life. Actually, becoming a jock is more of ... Read More »