How to Attract Wealthy Sims in Simcity 4?

Answer This guide will help you attract wealthy Sims in Simcity 4, so no more slums, brown lawns or rusted cars!

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How to Use Cheats in Simcity 4?

In the popular PC game SimCity 4, there are some cheats, but not a lot. You can change your city using the following instructions.

How to Be Good at the Simcity Games?

This is for all you SimCity fans out there.

How to Make Money in Simcity 4?

So you want to be a wealthy mayor in Simcity 4? Here is your answer!

How to Make Money on Simcity?

Micropolis, an open source port of SimCity, on the SGI Indigo workstationDesigned by Will Wright, SimCity is a city-building simulation game.[1] Going broke fast is always a problem in SimCity. Fol... Read More »