How to Attract Owls to a Nest?

Answer Owls are useful in farm settings because they are predatory animals that prey on small, pest animals such as rats and squirrels. These small animals are pests because they eat garden greens and spi... Read More »

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Do Owls Have Eyelashes?

Owls are perhaps the most recognizable of all birds. Their front-facing eyes give them binocular vision, and their ability to turn their necks 270 degrees helps them hunt for prey in all directions... Read More »

How to Build a Box for Barn Owls?

Barn owls will readily use nest boxes as long as they're set up near terrain that is suitable for the species. In the wild, barn owls seek breeding sites in the vicinity of farms, old buildings and... Read More »

What is the danger to owls from rat poison?

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey that eat a wide variety of small animals, including rats. When an owl eats a poisoned rat, it ingests the poison along with the meal. Like most birds, owls are high... Read More »

Do owls eat cats for food?

Most owls subsist on a diet of rodents, insects and small mammals. Larger owls, such as the great horned owls, can carry over 12 lbs. and are capable of eating cats. An owl generally will not try t... Read More »