How to Attract Girls Without Talking to Them?

Answer Your voice is changing or you just can't talk to the girl of your dreams eve though they are standing 3 feet in front of you. Here's a simple and easy way to attract girls without talking.

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How to Attract Girls Without Being Annoying?

How to be attractive to girls and women without being annoying and trying too hard. How to seduce them, and make them like you.

How to Flirt Without Talking (for Girls)?

A girl who isn't afraid to flirtLet's face it. There's this one guy you seem to really like, but he barely knows you exist. He may be older or in your grade, but you've never really talked before? ... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Like You Without Ever Talking to Them?

If you soak pinto beans all day can you rinse them and put them into the fridge overnight without cooking them first?

Answer Yes, but it might be good to try soaking them overnight as well - just chance the water for fresh and leave them to soak.