How to Attract Frogs?

Answer a cute frogFrogs provide excellent pest control because they eat insects such as mosquitoes, moths, beetles, cockroaches, flies, snails and slugs. There are many types of frogs, but the best kind t... Read More »

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Do frogs have scales?

Frogs, like toads and salamanders, are amphibians, which means that they are covered in a water-permeable skin, not scales. Frogs' skin can be smooth or bumpy in texture, and secretes a mucus to ke... Read More »

How to Take Care of Frogs?

There are many types of frogs so if you plan to care for a single species, don't just use this as a guide. Frogs are delicate pets, and each species has its own requirements. Just use this as a gen... Read More »

What do garden frogs eat?

Garden frogs eat dead and live insects such as crickets, spiders, beetles and grasshoppers. They'll also eat bloodworms, which may be purchased at a pet store. The insects should never be any wider... Read More »

Do all frogs come from tadpoles?

All frogs belong to the scientific class amphibia; it's more commonly stated that all frogs are amphibians. Frogs are cold-blooded; they live on land and in water. Frogs go through multiple life st... Read More »