How to Attract Colorful Birds to Your Yard?

Answer Blue JayWhen birds make your yard their permanent home it is exciting. It is fun to watch birds make their way around your yard. They need three things: food, water and shelter. Make sure your yard... Read More »

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How to Attract Lots of Birds to Your Yard?

They are majestic, beautiful, and amazing, the way they dive and flip in mid-air is spectacular. In case you haven't figured it out, we're talking about birds. We all want to see them and watch the... Read More »

Why Are Male Birds More Colorful Than Female?

Male birds are generally more genetically attractive then their female counterparts in regards to color and plumage, having distinctly more intricate and elaborate designs, a brighter and glossier ... Read More »

I want a colorful, beautiful tree for my yard?

Crepe Myrtle…Rose of Sharon…

How to Attract Birds?

See how many different types of birds you can attract to your own backyard!Attracting birds to your backyard provides you with a connection to your local environment. You might never realize how ma... Read More »