How to Attract Cardinals?

Answer Here's how to get beautiful red cardinals to come to your yard, if you live anywhere in North America.

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How do you attract Cardinals to my yard?

One word...water. You need water to keep them in your yard.....once you get them.To attract cardinals to your yard you will need to feed them the food they like...cardinals love safflower, course h... Read More »

How to Attract Northern Cardinals to Your House?

An Example of a Male Northern CardinalNorthern cardinals are common in much of the eastern United States. Have you ever wanted to see a beautiful bird? Well then, keep reading this article.

Why Do Male Cardinals Feed Female Cardinals?

Cardinals are one of the most easily recognized bird in North America. The male is a bright red with a black "face," while the brownish female has an obvious red beak and reddish highlights. As see... Read More »

Do northern cardinals eat berries?

The northern cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis, has the thick beak of a seedeater. Although these birds are actually omnivores that eat insects, seeds and fruits. Berries are a natural part of their ... Read More »