How to Attend the New Year's Celebrations in Times Square?

Answer Arguably the most famous New Year's event known worldwide is the annual dropping of the spectacular crystal ball in Times Square, New York City, on December 31st. The celebration is broadcast on ma... Read More »

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How many years does a periodontist have to attend school?

To become a periodontist, you must complete four years of undergraduate work, four years of dental school and three years in a periodontics specialty program. All that schooling adds up to an 11-ye... Read More »

For how many years do you attend culinary school?

Aspiring cooks generally attend culinary school for either a two-year associate's degree or a four-year bachelor's degree. How long you go to college is determined by which level of culinary master... Read More »

How many years do you have to attend college to get a master's degree?

It takes approximately one to three years to earn a master's degree. The amount of time it takes to earn a master's degree depends on the type of degree and the field of study.Source:World Wide Lea... Read More »

Do you attend to 2-year community college in two years only, and no more than two?

You can attend a 2-year college for more than 2 years. It's referred to as a 2-year school because if you attend full-time, you can typically complete your degree in 2 years. Obviously, if you at... Read More »