How to Attend Church?

Answer Have you ever wanted to go to church, perhaps to visit it to see what they're all about?

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What church did John Steinbeck attend?

St. Paul's Episcopal Church was the religious institution that John Steinbeck attended as a boy. The church was originally located blocks from his house in Salinas, California. He was an altar boy ... Read More »

Where does President Obama attend church?

President Obama attended three public church services in his first year in office, twice at St. John's Episcopal Church and once at 19th Street Baptist Church. When at Camp David, he attends the pr... Read More »

How to Join the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)?

Salt Lake City TempleAccording to its own doctrines, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (colloquially known as the "Mormon Church") is a unique restoration of the original Church estab... Read More »

The Best Church Directories With Free Submission That Help Your Church to Grow?

Available at home and work, on smart phones and tablet PCs, the Internet gives church staff exposure to local residents looking for new church homes. The best free church directories are those whic... Read More »