How to Attach a Keyboard Tray to a Vika Amon?

Answer Even though desk chairs adjust to a person's height, desks typically do not. One way to provide a proper typing height is to add a keyboard tray under the desktop. If you have a Vika Amon desk made... Read More »

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What Is an Articulating Keyboard Tray?

An articulating keyboard tray is simply a keyboard tray that can easily be moved by hand into a comfortable position for the user. Typically, articulating keyboard trays are installed underneath a ... Read More »

How to Mount a Keyboard Tray?

Keyboards are one of the necessary evils to working on a computer. While you need it to type in your information, it can take up a large amount of otherwise useful desk space. The solution to thi... Read More »

How to Open a Mac DVD Tray on a Non-Mac Keyboard?

Unlike PC computers, Mac computers do not have physical eject buttons used for opening the system's CD or DVD tray. Instead, there is an eject key located on all Apple keyboards that must be presse... Read More »

Can you attach a keyboard to a laptop?

Yes, but the actual method to do so depends on the laptop's available ports. A PS/2 or USB keyboard will connect directly if the laptop offers either type of port. A port replicator or docking stat... Read More »