How to Attach Hi-Hat Cymbals?

Answer The hi-hats are one of a drummer's main time-keeping cymbals, along with the crash and ride cymbals. This set of cymbals rests on top of one another and are opened and shut by the drummer's foot, a... Read More »

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What cymbals should I get?

Go with the A customs can't go wrong with 'em

How to Polish Cymbals?

If you're a drummer who plays publicly, then you want to "dazzle" your audience. Always have clean cymbals and drums.

How to Put Rivets in Cymbals?

Rivets are used to give a cymbal a "sizzle" sound. After the cymbal is hit with a stick, the rivets move up and down to help create a sizzle effect that usually lasts several seconds, depending on ... Read More »

Can you use the cymbals on drums for Wii RockBand?

Cymbals are available for the video game "Rock Band" for the Nintendo Wii gaming system. Single or multiple cymbal sets are available from after-market companies, such as Mad Catz, but not from "Ro... Read More »