How to Attach Fiberglass Saddlebags to Fatboys?

Answer People with one motorcycle usually mount saddlebags on their bikes. Bags do not look stylish on bobbers and bar hoppers, but they are a practical place to put your rain suit, spare helmet and a fe... Read More »

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How to Attach Steel to Fiberglass?

Bonding two materials that have different physical properties, such as metal and fiberglass, can be problematic. If the materials encounter stress, they are likely to break down at the weakest poin... Read More »

How to Attach Hardware to a Fiberglass Boat?

Water might be the environment that boats operate in, but water can be the most destructive ingredient when it comes in contact with foam or balsa deck and hull cores. Leaking water can react to th... Read More »

How to Attach Dummy Strap Hinges to a Fiberglass Door?

Dummy strap hinges are often attached to doors in order to give them a more rustic appearance. These hinges are non-functional and provide decoration only. Attaching dummy strap hinges to a fibergl... Read More »

What are the disadvantages in fiberglass relining of fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool?

What we are about to show you are the facts about toxic fiberglass products and why Epoxy is becoming so popular today. First of all Polyester and Vinyl ester resins are ½ the strength of epoxy an... Read More »