How to Attach Door Numbers?

Answer This article explains how to attach door numbers to a front door. The article covers both screwed-on numbers and adhesive numbers - both of which should be readily available at your local hardware ... Read More »

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How do you attach to hollow core door?

to attach to a hollow core door you need what is known as a dry wall or gyp-rock anchor. all depending on what country you live in. these are made to screw into surfaces up to about 15 millimeters ... Read More »

How do I attach a screen to porch door?

Use a staple gun with 5/16-inch staples to attach the screen to the door. Set the door on sawhorses and lay the screen across the door. Tack one corner and position the screen squarely on the door.... Read More »

How to Attach Dummy Strap Hinges to a Fiberglass Door?

Dummy strap hinges are often attached to doors in order to give them a more rustic appearance. These hinges are non-functional and provide decoration only. Attaching dummy strap hinges to a fibergl... Read More »

Why does a garage door remote open the door successfully but when you try to close the door the remote does not work and the door must be closed using the wall control in the garage?

AnswerMost garage door opener manufacturers adhered to new federal guidlines imposed buy the government in the early 90's to include 2 safety devices in each opener to avoid crushing injuries. Most... Read More »