How to Attach Baubles to a Tubular Peyote?

Answer When working a tubular peyote stitch, you may decide to add charms, gems, stones or other items to the project. You have the options of weaving your peyote stitch around the bauble or letting the b... Read More »

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How to Display Vintage Baubles?

If you've inherited or purchased some vintage baubles, it's probable that you're not so keen about hanging them on the Christmas tree, in case they take a fall and break. A solution to this dilemma... Read More »

(gross question) Little baubles on bum hole :/?

the dint (i think you mean dent ) is normal.sounds like possibly a small pile/hemorrhoid.or could be a little pimple or skin tag. but i think you would have noticed those i'm guessing a p... Read More »

How to Make Christmas Tree Baubles?

Sometimes homemade decorations can look better than professionally made store-bought ones. Here's a simple guide on how to make eye catching baubles to hang on your Christmas tree.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

A simple peyote stitch patternPeyote stitch is a pattern used to weave beads together using a needle and thread. This is still used in many traditional cultures in Africa to make symbolic headdress... Read More »