How to Assign a Macro to a Cell in Excel?

Answer A macro is a piece of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) executable code that you can use to tailor Microsoft Excel to suit your needs. For example, you can write a macro to format a spreadsheet i... Read More »

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How can I assign a value to a cell colour in excel?

If you do not mind using Microsoft's numbering of colors, then you could use these routines to find three separate items that have colors: Function Xcolor(target As Range) As Integer Xcolor = ta... Read More »

How do I assign a macro to a key stroke in an OpenOffice document?

Create the MacroOpen an OpenOffice document. Click on "Tools" in the main menu, and then select "Macro" > "Record Macro". Perform the series of events you wish to record, then click "Stop Recording... Read More »

How to Assign a Macro to a Check Box in Microsoft Access?

Automate functions in your Microsoft Access database by creating and using macros. Instead of performing a set of actions manually, you can program a macro to run them for you. If you want to run a... Read More »

How do I assign colors using the functions in Excel?

Highlight the columns containing the data that you wish to assign colors to. Select "Conditional Formatting" in the "Styles" group under the "Home" tab in an Excel 2007 worksheet. Scroll down and s... Read More »