How to Assess the Benefits of Using a Wireless Video Surveillance Camera?

Answer A wireless video surveillance camera can boost your wireless security at home or business. They are used to catch intruders or monitor a home or office from a far away distance. They are also used ... Read More »

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Cheap wireless surveillance camera for home?

Here are some options I dont know what you say as cheap , Always remember you get what you pay for

Wireless Home Security Surveillance Camera system?

For consumer grade systems, Swann and Lorex make fine equipment. I installed a Swann 8 channel (using only 4 cameras - but planning to add 4 more cameras later). The included/free SmartPhone app fo... Read More »

Is it legal to install video surveillance camera on a private balcony?

If it's your balcony and you want to suveil it, then yes, perfectly legal.If it's not yours, then no, you have no right to do so.If it's your balcony and you want to surveil something from it, then... Read More »

How do I use a wireless mic to record sound along with a video camera?

You did not tell us which video camera you are using. Many do not have a mic jack.The clip-on lavaliere connects with a thin wire to a battery powered body-pack. The body ack transmits the audio in... Read More »