How to Assess an Oral Presentation?

Answer Rubrics are an assessment tool commonly used to score students during an oral presentation. The tool requires instructors to score individual sections of the presentation according to the public sp... Read More »

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Oral Presentation Methods?

According to Time magazine, comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked about a study that found most people fear public speaking more than death. "In other words," Seinfeld said, "at a funeral, the average... Read More »

Techniques of Oral Presentation?

Some people might find it easy to get up in front a group of people and have no problems effectively communicating complex ideas in an engaging manner. For others, talking to a group of any size in... Read More »

Oral Presentation Topics?

The success of an oral presentation is not always entirely dependent upon the orator. While a skilled delivery is important, the topic of the presentation is also essential to the success of the en... Read More »

Oral Presentation Instructions?

Oral presentations are frequently used in business, academic and volunteer settings as an efficient and sociable way to convey information. Delivering a successful oral presentation requires a good... Read More »