How to Assess Intellectual Disability in Individuals?

Answer To determine whether or not someone has an intellectual disability, three criteria must be met. The individual must be given a standardized intelligence test and an adaptive behavior test. Scores o... Read More »

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How to Interact With Someone With an Intellectual Disability?

There are loads of people out there. Millions you don't know. Billions you want to meet. You go to work/school one day to find a new student/employee. There is something about them you can't put yo... Read More »

How to Teach People With an Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual disabilities are the most common developmental disabilities. Individuals who have an IQ score below 70 are considered to have an intellectual disability. It is important that individua... Read More »

Disability Grants for Low Income Individuals?

It can be difficult for low income, disabled individuals to change their circumstances, with limited financial resources, and these individuals may not realize that assistance is available. Disabil... Read More »

What is the general group disability payout for individuals?

If I am reading the question correctly you are asking how much you would collect on disability on a group claim. The answer to that would be on your employers policy. Every policy is differant for ... Read More »