How to Assemble the Throttle Body Shaft for Carter BBD Carburetors?

Answer The Carter BBD two-barrel carburetor was used from the 1950s through the 1980s, mainly on DeSoto, Chrysler and Jeep products with six-cylinder or small-block V8 engines. As the name implies, the BB... Read More »

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How to Assemble a Replacement Throttle Body Injector?

Although throttle body injection, or TBI, systems vary in the number and size of their particular components, they all follow the same basic configuration. The throttle body sits on top of the inta... Read More »

Who makes Carter Carburetors?

Carter Carburetors were manufactured between 1909 and 1922 by the Carter Carburetor Company. In 1922, the company was acquired by American Car and Foundry Company. ACF manufactured the carburetor... Read More »

How to Identify Part Numbers on Carter Carburetors?

Carter carburetors, like other carburetors, are mechanical devices that combine fuel and air to create the correct mixture for combustion in an engine. A carburetor regulates the ratio of air and f... Read More »

How to Assemble a Push-Pull Motorcycle Throttle?

The throttle cables on your motorcycle control the throttle valve function on the carburetor. When these cables begin to deteriorate with age and wear they need to be replaced before they break to ... Read More »