How to Assemble a Rear A1 Rifle Sight?

Answer Although not seen as often as the A2 and the flat-top A4, the A1 version of the AR-15 is still viable. If you are building an AR-15 for a general use "truck gun" or for plinking and home defense, t... Read More »

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How to Assemble an AR-15 Rear Sight?

The AR-15 was produced with a simple rear sight called the A1 rear sight, but that was improved upon with the A2 rear sight, which is more common today. The A2 rear sight comes with two separate ap... Read More »

How to Adjust The Rear Sight of a Rifle?

Many rifles are equipped with a scope, but iron sights are far from obsolete. In fact, iron sights have certain advantages over scopes: They are lighter, less bulky and generally more rugged than s... Read More »

How to Sight In a Rifle?

Experienced hunters know that sighting-in a rifle is imperative to hitting a target. Rifles need to be sighted-in every time they are used, since sudden movements or jolts during transport or stora... Read More »

How to Sight the Scope of a Rifle in and Zero It?

Sighting in a new gun can be long, hard,and extremely aggravating. Read below to learn how to sight in a rifle and zero it in 5 steps.