How to Assemble a Cornelius Keg?

Answer Cornelius kegs are good for housing home-brewed beer and are easy to put together once you know how to do it.Cornelius five gallon "soda" kegs are commonly used by homebrewers to keg homebrewed bee... Read More »

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Sunday School Crafts for Peter & Cornelius?

The story of Peter and Cornelius, the first Gentile convert mentioned in the Bible, can be inspiring for a Sunday school class. When teaching the story to children, a craft will help with the learn... Read More »

What caused Lucius Cornelius Sulla death?

As far as we know, Sulla's death was caused by a rupture in his liver due to his lifelong habit of heavy drinking.

What were Lucius Cornelius Sulla's achievements?

The Roman general and dictator was the first man to use the army to establish a personal autocracy on Rome. He became a very skilled and powerful military leader. He won The Jurgurthine War.

What children's TV show was King Cornelius featured in durnig the 1980's?

No one knows for sure if Rico knows that Miley is Hannah. He was a narrator in "He Could Be the One" and "I'll Always Remember You", so it is possible for him to know. Also he knows Miley's dad is ... Read More »