How to Assemble Vane Sector?

Answer A vane sector is an assembly of small metal fins that are installed in an air tool to drive the device. The air pressure from the compressor enters the tool through the smallest hole of the vane se... Read More »

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What is a weather vane for?

Weather vanes, also called wind vanes, display the direction of the wind by spinning and pointing in the direction the wind is going. Weather vanes also are often used as decorative elements.Refer... Read More »

What is a wind vane used for?

The wind vane, also known as a weather vane, measures the direction of the wind. The force of the wind blows against a pointing device which then points in the direction which the wind blows. It ca... Read More »

What is a wind vane?

A wind vane and a weather vane are exactly the same thing. Some people have the idea that a wind vane predicts the weather. In fact, all that it does is reveal the wind direction, but knowing wind... Read More »

What is a weather vane used for?

Weather vanes or wind vanes show the direction the wind is blowing. One of the oldest tools for observing wind direction, weather vanes only measure a few feet above the ground. While not truly abl... Read More »