How to Assemble Vane Sector?

Answer A vane sector is an assembly of small metal fins that are installed in an air tool to drive the device. The air pressure from the compressor enters the tool through the smallest hole of the vane se... Read More »

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How to Install a Becker KVT 314 Vane?

The Becker KVT 314 is a vacuum pump used with air conditioning systems. If you have moisture in your AC unit, you can use this vacuum pump to remove it. When moisture is inside an air conditioner, ... Read More »

Who was the wind vane inventor?

The wind vane was invented over 3,500 years ago by an astronomer named Adronicus. Wind vanes are used to indicate which direction the wind is blowing. The first one was modeled after the Greek god ... Read More »

What is a weather vane for?

Weather vanes, also called wind vanes, display the direction of the wind by spinning and pointing in the direction the wind is going. Weather vanes also are often used as decorative elements.Refer... Read More »

How do you define a wind vane?

A wind vane is a device that shows which way the wind is blowing. It has an arrow mounted on a center of gravity so that it can swing around in a circle parallel to the ground. The pointed part of ... Read More »