How to Assemble Resin Kit Statues?

Answer Resin statue kits are most generally made by injection molding. A styrene plastic is forced into the molds for the statue. The parts are sold as a kit that require assembly. The parts of the statue... Read More »

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Are fiberglass boats made out of expoxy resin or polyester resin?

Until recently, fiberglass boats were constructed and repaired with polyester resin. During the mid 1980s, epoxy resin came on to the scene and began to be used for construction and repairs more so... Read More »

What do the different Buddha statues mean?

Guatama Siddhattha, born in modern day Nepal around 556 BC, was the man who is widely known as Buddha, which means enlightened one. Today, Buddhism is one of the largest practiced religions in the ... Read More »

Where can I buy garden statues?

Statues are a popular addition to many gardens and can be modeled after many things, ranging from animals to people to abstract artistic symbols. A good statue gives a garden an aged, classic feel,... Read More »

How to Play Statues?

A traditional and much loved children's game that can be played indoors and out.