How to Assemble Coil Over Shocks?

Answer Coil over shocks are often installed on off-road vehicles. Coil overs offer increased tire articulation. They come in different shock lengths depending on the type of off-roading you desire. Differ... Read More »

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How To Adjust Coil Over Shocks?

Adjustable suspension has been around since the 1930s, back when heavy-duty trucks were using air springs to help carry their loads. Over the years, one option that has stayed constant are coil ove... Read More »

DIY Coil Over Springs With Stock Shocks?

In most cases when installing a coil-over kit the shocks should also be replaced as they have to be removed from the vehicle to install the kit. If the stock shocks have recently been replaced on a... Read More »

How to Install Coil Over Shocks on a Chevy?

Installing coil over shocks onto a Chevrolet can increase the load capacity and give an improved ride. These coil over types of absorbers use a metal spring around the shock body to dampen and tigh... Read More »

How to Install Coil Springs on Shocks?

On most vehicles, the front suspension is held up by a coil spring and travel is damped by a shock, but on some, they are one assembly, known as a coilover shock, or a strut assembly. To properly p... Read More »