How to Ask out a Good Friend (Girls)?

Answer Do you have a good guy friend that you have known for a long time but recently you have started having feelings for him? Well here are a few simple steps to asking him out.

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How to Be a Good Friend (for Girls)?

Remember, put yourself in your friend's shoes. Think about the things you do.

How to Be a Good Friend to the Guy You Like Even Though He's Dating Your Best Friend?

So you like a guy, but he's dating your best friend. This is a sticky situation. Here's how you can do it without making yourself look desperate or like a jerk. While maintaining your sanity at the... Read More »

How to Get a New Friend (Girls)?

Would you like to make new friends but you don't know how? If so, here is the place to go! Follow these steps to get your new friend!

Would you ever do this even for a friend girls only please.?

no, nothing wrong with this...a friend in need, is a friend indeed!! nah, she wasn't asking too much of you!!