How to Ask for a Second Piercing?

Answer Always wanted a second piercing? Parents won't let you have one? Read on and know how to get them to get you a piercing.

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Is getting a second ear lobe piercing with a gun bad?

A gun is never safe. But if you can't get it done by a needle, then a gun is okay on the lobes. Its not the best idea, but it'll be fine.

Why does my second ear lobe piercing hurt Why does my second ear lobe piercing hurt?

Take it off like 3 times a week clean yo ear and earring wait like 2 months roll a blunt smoke it and its all good

Can an effected ear piercing in the third hole spread to the first and second holes (all earlobe piercings)?

It can infect your entire ear but I don't think it would specifically infect the holes unless those are newer piercing that aren't fully healed.

Is it normal for ear lobe piercing to keep bleeding and pussing after 3 months of piercing it?

Three months is well beyond the reasonable window you can expect it to heal in.Chances are you have an allergic reaction to the studs, or an otherwise over-active immune system. Rinse the holes wit... Read More »