How to Ask for a Job Interview?

Answer You've fine-tuned your resume. Your cover letter is spot on. Yet still you have no bites. Conventional wisdom dictates that job-seekers submit their materials for review to faceless hiring managers... Read More »

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Interview 101?

One of the most crucial steps of the recruiting process is the interview. This is the hiring manager's chance to learn about who you are as a person rather than just what he's read on paper. If thi... Read More »

What Is a PFI Interview?

Performance Factor Interview is a type of behavioral interview technique used by hiring managers who seek "results oriented" job candidates, according to Job Interview Guide. Similar to the STAR in... Read More »

How to Interview Someone You've Never Met?

If you've taken the leap into writing and want to get your work published, you have to get over your shyness and talk with people who have a specific passion or interest. The topic must match close... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well?

It can feel awful after an interview, not knowing how you have performed and whether or not there were things you could have done better. All the same, there are some signs that can indicate a good... Read More »