How to Ask for Money In Place of a Christmas Gift?

Answer Maybe you have travel dreams to save for?Do you want money for Christmas instead of a gift? Is there ever a tactful way to ask for money in place of a gift? Well, it all depends on how you go about... Read More »

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How to Trade a Gift Card for Money to Use for Something else Not at the Place?

Did a family member give you a gift card that the place where it's for you don't like, or you never have the time to go to that place because your really busy? Then this is the article for you! Lea... Read More »

What is a small Christmas gift of money, fruit or candy called in Mexico?

There is no specific term for a small Christmas gift of money, fruit, or candy in Mexico. One Mexican Christmas tradition is the celebration of Día de los Reyes (Three Kings Day) on January 6. On ... Read More »

Should I Give a Gift From the Registry or a Money Gift at the Actual Wedding?

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How to Save Money by Buying Christmas Bargains After Christmas?

After the final ornament has been put away and the tree has been dragged to the curb, the last thing you feel like thinking about is Christmas. Although hearing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” ... Read More »