How to Ask a Guy to Homecoming?

Answer Homecoming portraitHow to ask a guy to homecoming, in person and on the phone.

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How to Pin a Homecoming Mum?

Homecoming mums are a Texas tradition. Large, white artificial chrysanthemums are the base of an embellished mum that has ribbons hanging off of it that contain a school name, name of the wearer an... Read More »

How to Do Hair for Homecoming?

There are many different ways to style your hair for a formal dance such as the homecoming dance. Some of the more formal hairstyles require a lot of time, or a trip to the hair salon the day of th... Read More »

Dress for homecoming?

i wish i had homecoming in 8th grade haha but here's a few dresses...This one is great cuz its pretty but has straps so u don't have to constantly lift ur dress up As Harry Styles once said and I q... Read More »

How to Have Fun at Homecoming?

Every fall, high school and college students have the opportunity to participate in homecoming activities. Usually, these activities revolve around a football game against a major rival, which is a... Read More »