How to Ask a Guy to Homecoming?

Answer Homecoming portraitHow to ask a guy to homecoming, in person and on the phone.

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Should I go to homecoming with this guy?

you should definitely go its not like your friends own him you cant put dibs on boys they will get over it. and if he asked you so fast its probably cause he really likes you

How to Have Fun at Homecoming?

Every fall, high school and college students have the opportunity to participate in homecoming activities. Usually, these activities revolve around a football game against a major rival, which is a... Read More »

How to Pin a Homecoming Mum?

Homecoming mums are a Texas tradition. Large, white artificial chrysanthemums are the base of an embellished mum that has ribbons hanging off of it that contain a school name, name of the wearer an... Read More »

Homecoming! Omg, Please help.?

black and red, the colors of the playing cards:)