How to Ask a Girl an Important Question on the Spot?

Answer Just wanted to ask you if...How many times have you wanted to ask her something, but just put it off until it was too late?

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Can a girl spot when pregnant?

Hello,I have a question important?

You need to apply to a talent agency, someone that can recognize your potential, and has contacts with the business.

Question for ALL of my contacts....very important?

I'm here :) Just not asking questions lol.I'm so glad to hear you and Mia are doing good! was wondering about you the other day.I'm 14dpo today but getting some cramps so I'm not hopeful! going to ... Read More »

Makeup Question, IMPORTANT!?

What your parents are saying is NOT true. Between the ages of 11-14 I would only wear mascara and coverup. On special occasions I would wear blush or eyeshadow. Then after that I started to wear he... Read More »