How to Ask a Girl Out Without Rejection?

Answer A lot of guys want to know not only the right way of how to ask a girl out but also what type of "date" is just as important (if not more), so if you want a flawless date read on...

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How to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection?

Going for a kiss is a scary moment for most guys. Just like the initial approach, and just like when you ask for a number, it is a point where you could be rejected. Most guys will talk for a few m... Read More »

When is the best time to have sex without condom without a girl getting pregnant?

If a girl gets pregnant by an 18-year-old guy or older can she and that guy get married without her parents' permission and without him getting in trouble?

Answer If both of your are 18 or older, then yes. You can get married and do whatever you want without anyone getting in trouble and without any permission. If this 18 year old guy got a minor preg... Read More »

In what state can a 16-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old boy without the parents' consent if the girl is pregnant?

Some states will issue a marriage license if there is a court order.