How to Ask a Girl Out When You Have Been Friends for Years?

Answer If you have a friend that is a girl, and she has been your friend for years and you just realized that your really like her, you can ask her out easily; just follow these steps!

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I am a high school senior boy i have been severely depressed for years i have no real friends i am on meds and see a shrink and nothing is working what should i do?

Drugs offer only temporary relief. You have not mentioned anything about your family members. Talk to your relatives and friends. You will get some moral support from them. You can also contact a g... Read More »

YOU have been active duty enlisted in the AF for 8 years you were wondering if you can receive a comission in the navy when you get your degree You have 4 classes left?

ask your first shirt for the info and send it up your chain of command

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it could take until at least the end of this year.I had mine in April but my mate who has the same box has me still hasnt had is.Once you get a black envelope through your letterbox off Sky then yo... Read More »

I have been growing clematis for a few years now the previous years growth?

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