How to Ask a Friend for a Ride Home?

Answer This how to is for kids in middle school who don't want to ride the bus and have a friend who lives in your neighborhood.

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How to Ride the Bus Home from School?

Riding a bus back and forth to and from school is an important responsibility for the young pupil. It teaches them how to behave without an adult directly present and skills such as being patient, ... Read More »

Can my son who is in preschool ride the public school bus to get home?

Here in the US? Yes, you pay taxes.......... But no, the school and bus company does not get money to transport your child. The bus company and school get 'paid' for each student enrolled in the sc... Read More »

If an ambulance drives you to the hospital, will they give you ride back home?

As a rule, they don´t. Sometimes they have volunteer drivers, using their own cars, to transport people but, the majority of times, you usually need to get a taxi.

Had a veggie burger bought on a recent Amtrak ride back was really really bad tasting?

Railway food is notoriously poor and expensive. It's a captive market and you should take your own food.