How to Ask a Boy out While Chatting on Facebook?

Answer Are you just dying to ask out that guy you've had your eye on? Have you two been chatting on Facebook lately? Here's your chance to show him you really care!

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How to add code chatting like facebook?

What does XD mean in chatting?

XD is an emoticon or chat shorthand for a laughing face. Viewed sideways, the X represents closed eyes and the D represents a mouth open with laughter. The symbol is synonymous with LOL, which stan... Read More »

Why are most chatting apps 18+?

Most sites have a reality of leading to hookups. Being 18+ means that you are in no way going to encounter an underage kid like yourself. If one does end up with someone underage that they met on t... Read More »

How to Delete FB Chatting?

The chat feature in Facebook (FB) connects you to your friends through a built-in instant messenger application, and enables you to send messages to your friends when they are online. Individual FB... Read More »