How to Ask Someone out for the First Time?

Answer Asking someone out can be a nerve-racking experience.

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How to Kiss Someone for the First Time?

This article is for boys and girls. Have fun, but don't over kiss.

I smoked weed 3 months ago for the first time someone help!?

You smoked weed once. It won't harm you. It's never laced with anything. I've been smoking it nearly everyday for years and I'm fine. I have an incredibly stable mind. You're just being paranoid. R... Read More »

Is it possible for someone to be extremely tolerant to alcohol when it's their first time drinking?

The three mixed drinks could be the bottled kind, which have very little alcohol in them or well drinks.If he'd eaten that could be about a six pack

What is the most important advice you would give to someone using the Internet for the very first time?

For a first time user, get protected, make sure you are using a valid paid for internet security software or service, these provide a good basic level of protection.Next trust no-one always assume ... Read More »