How to Ask Out an Older Girl in High School?

Answer We don't know when cupid strikes us with his arrow . It is more of a suspense that we don't know with whom we would be spending our rest of life as his/her life-partner.What if she is 2 years older... Read More »

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HIGH SCHOOL GUYS: Whats the best thing a high school girl can wear to look good?

How to Get the Girl in High School?

Sick of being a tomboy? Tired of your mum nagging you to be more poised and polite? Or do you just want to be more ladylike? Being ladylike is a good thing - you're something the adults approve of,... Read More »

How to Impress a Girl in High School?

As a teenager, you are ready to impress a girl.

How to Be a "Preppy" Girl in High School?

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