How to Arrange to Take Someone's Deposition?

Answer A deposition is an interview given under oath and out of court. Generally, depositions are used to find out what an individual would say if he were summoned to testify during a trial. The opposing ... Read More »

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How can DSS take someones children?

Answerif they want to they will its as simple as that.the machine of government can do what they like regardless of whether they are right or wrong.the welfare of the child is paramount!which is as... Read More »

Can i take my router to someones house?

No it will NOT work.Their phone number will not tie up with your account.Also their land line has to be broadband enabled anyway!If it's just a network dongle then that wont work with thatrouter un... Read More »

How do I Take Sheet Music of a Song & Arrange it for Classical Guitar?

Arranging music for the classical guitar takes taste and discretion. Sheet music is traditionally written for the piano and consists of a treble clef and a bass clef. The musical range of the guita... Read More »

If strokes run in someones family, can they take meds early to prevent it more effectively?

she should pay attention to what the doctor says!! I was put on BP meds when my BP was 130/65 because the doctor said I was a good candidate for stroke. The new fancy BP meds did not lower my BP at... Read More »