How to Arrange a Playdate?

Answer Many new parents, and even some veterans, can feel uncomfortable initiating playdates for their children. Whether it is because meeting new families can be difficult or because finding activities c... Read More »

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Would you let your child have a playdate in a house where guns were kept?

Yes, I would.We have guns in our home, and our children have been taught to respect guns. They know that if they come across one to assume that it is real and to tell an adult, but NOT to touch it... Read More »

How to Arrange the Best Hen Party?

So the time has came, your best friend is about to get married and you have being given the fantastic of putting together a wonderful hen party! Can you sense the sarcasm? To be honest you have not... Read More »

How to Arrange a Song by Ear?

treble clefArranging music can sound difficult, but with the right equipment and some listening skills, you can do it!

How to Arrange Hip Hop Beats?

Learn the basic beat structure and instruments behind a hip-hop backing beat and you are already half way to producing something that sounds professional and authentic. Finish off the beat by arran... Read More »