How to Arrange a Cinnamon Broom?

Answer Cinnamon brooms add a warm and inviting scent to your home. Traditionally used to ward off negativity, these aromatic brooms are enjoyed as a decorative element. Cinnamon brooms are available in si... Read More »

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Is ground cinnamon&cinnamon powder the same thing?

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon powder are the same thing. Whole cinnamon sticks are ground into a fine powder for use in many culinary and medicinal products. Ground cinnamon (powder) must be stored ... Read More »

Is cinnamon extract the same thing as cinnamon oil?

Cinnamon extract is not the same thing as cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil is a more concentrated form of the spice, and does not evaporate as quickly as the extract. Cinnamon extract is also available i... Read More »

The Differences Between Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil?

Both cinnamon bark essential oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil come from the same genus of tree, Cinnamomum. Both types of essential oil can be made from several species of cinnamon tree. The mos... Read More »

Who invented the first broom?

Ancient ancestors of the human used twigs gathered together to sweep out their caves and other residences. The first brooms as you know them were invented in 1797 by farmer Levi Dickenson in his pu... Read More »