How to Arrange Values Randomly in MATLAB?

Answer MATLAB from Mathworks is a computer software program that you can use to analyze, manipulate, plot and share data. The program can plot data in two or three dimensions and is also very useful for l... Read More »

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How to Graph 3D in MATLAB?

MATLAB is an incredibly useful mathematical and engineering computer software program capable of carrying out advanced mathematical calculations and performing engineering simulations. One of its m... Read More »

How to Get MATLAB for Ubuntu?

MATLAB is a programming language that allows you to perform extensive computations and calculations much faster and easier than with other programming languages such as C or C++. MATLAB is a propri... Read More »

Help with MATLAB coding?

Think simple, Matlab is not C.a = input('Enter a: ');b = input('Enter b: ');c = input('Enter c: ');x = (b + sqrt(b - 4*a)) / c^7