How to Archive Word Documents & Create Folders?

Answer Word documents on your computer can easily become disorganized, get mixed with other files on your desktop or end up being accidentally deleted. Archiving these documents is a way to keep them orga... Read More »

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What Does Ready for Archive Mean on File Folders?

If you right-click most files within your Windows computer operating system, a small menu will appear with a button that says, "Advanced...". Clicking that button will reveal a box that, if checked... Read More »

How do I create Word documents?

Double-click the Word icon on your computer to open the program, which defaults to a blank, standard 8.5" x 11" page. Click "File" from the top of the window, and click "New" in the drop-down menu.... Read More »

How do I create favorites in Word documents?

Select the body of text that you want to capture as a favorite, or frequently visited location, in your Word document.Click the "Insert" tab on the Word Ribbon at the top of the screen, and click t... Read More »

How do i create documents in microsoft office word?

Run the Microsoft Word program to display a blank document. With slight changes, these steps also work with OpenOffice Writer and Google Docs documents.Click into the document and type the text you... Read More »