How to Archive Email?

Answer Email is one of the most popular forms of communication. With its uses in personal and business communication, mailboxes can fill up very quickly. Knowing how to archive email allows a user to keep... Read More »

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How do I archive Earthlink email?

Select Email MessagesBrowse to your EarthLink Mailbox, open your inbox and select the messages you'd like to archive. EarthLink recommends archiving no more than 20 messages at a time. Click on th... Read More »

How to Archive Email for Storage?

Email archiving helps organizations and individuals sort their digital data much the same way that file folders and file cabinets help sort papers. Good email archiving keeps your inbox free of clu... Read More »

How to Archive an IMAP Email?

IMAP is a protocol for accessing email via third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. IMAP stores messages on the server, so changes made in one application will show up in o... Read More »

How to Archive Microsoft Email?

A cluttered Microsoft Outlook inbox is an annoyance, but often there are important messages in there that you don't want to part with. By creating an Outlook mail archive, you can save your old ema... Read More »