How to Approach and Release a Skunk from a Live Trap?

Answer So, you have set out to trap and release an animal. You probably did not intend to catch a skunk, but there it is. What to do?

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Safe Methods to Remove a Skunk From a Live Trap?

Treats in a live animal trap can tempt skunks. A homeowner trying to catch a squirrel or raccoon that is in the process of destroying their home might inadvertently trap a skunk. Skunks typically a... Read More »

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How to Remove a Live Mouse from a Sticky Trap?

Mouse on a sticky trap. Notice how deep the glue is on the plastic trayThe great thing about using sticky traps to catch mice is they don't kill the little critters. However, the traps are not desi... Read More »

How to Make a Catch & Release Rat Trap?

There are two types of rat traps you can make at home: one that detains and kills and/or maims the rat or one that traps the rat so you can release it later. It's a more humane contraption, and all... Read More »