How to Approach and Release a Skunk from a Live Trap?

Answer So, you have set out to trap and release an animal. You probably did not intend to catch a skunk, but there it is. What to do?

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Safe Methods to Remove a Skunk From a Live Trap?

Treats in a live animal trap can tempt skunks. A homeowner trying to catch a squirrel or raccoon that is in the process of destroying their home might inadvertently trap a skunk. Skunks typically a... Read More »

How to Make a Catch & Release Rat Trap?

There are two types of rat traps you can make at home: one that detains and kills and/or maims the rat or one that traps the rat so you can release it later. It's a more humane contraption, and all... Read More »

Who would win a fight Kimba the White Lion or Skunk from Skunk Fu?

How to Catch a Rat Using a Live Trap?

Do you care about animals? Do you have a rat problem in your house/yard? If so, you want to catch the rat humanely. Here's how to do it.