How to Approach a Beautiful Lady?

Answer So you want to approach a pretty girl and don't have the guts? its okay everyone gets nervous. Follow these steps to learn hew to keep those nerves down!

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How to Approach a Lady?

Every man in his life time has seen and wanted to approach a lady, but for some reason or another, has possibly been too nervous to do so. Below are steps on how to approach a lady respectfully and... Read More »

What is the must beautiful flower for a lady?

Which dress looks beautiful for a lady?

I really didn't know what the heck a shalwar, chudidar, or saree is, I had to look it up. Feminine looking close looks beautiful on a lady. Loose, skirts that are short are beautiful, but not too ... Read More »

In the episode Nice Lady what is the song which Lady Penelope dance on the table in the bar just before Will's fight?

No it's a very good series. The critics just don't like anything creative, and maybe the plot is a little too complicated for their tiny brains to comprehend.