How to Appreciate wikiHow?

Answer wikiHow is a great website. It offers helpful solutions to everyday problems. Here are a few ways to appreciate it:

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How to Stop Talking About Non wikiHow Related Stuff on wikiHow?

When people 'chat' on wikiHow they don't realize a patroller has to patrol every change including all there conversations. To check on a wikiHow user or pop your head in and say "hi" is fine, but g... Read More »

How to Link to wikiHow with the wikiHow Logo?

Would you like to help publicize wikiHow and provide others with a link to our site? Please feel free to use our wikiHow logo on your website, blog or anywhere throughout the Internet.

How to Appreciate the Beatles?

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How to Appreciate Jojo?

Jojo (Joanna Levesque) is an American singer/actress who is considered one of the cutest in the world. To appreciate her, do the following.