How to Appreciate the Genius of Stanley Kubrick?

Answer Cinema and movie-making can be a pretentious business. Most of the movies made for Hollywood blockbuster fare are crude, morose and predictable. Then comes Stanley Kubrick, a man who adores the gam... Read More »

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Rank every Stanley Kubrick film you've seen?

Hey :)A Clockwork Orange: 10/102001: A Space Odyssey: 10/10The Shining: 10/10Dr. Strangelove: 10/10Full Metal Jacket: 10/10Eyes Wide Shut: 9/10Lolita: 9/10Barry Lyndon: 9/10Paths of Glory (haven't ... Read More »

R u a genius?

Yes, I am. IQ = 154 and chess is the best game! lol :)

How can i be a genius ?

My english teacher had a poster in his class of one of his favorite sayings. "Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits." It has multiple underlying meanings...

How to Be a Cute Genius?

Most of the time, people who happen to be very smart tend to have an issue balancing the ability to remain a genius while still being the hottest person in town. It isn't that hard to spend time on... Read More »