How to Appreciate the American Civil War?

Answer The fateful battlefield of Gettysburg is now a solemn tourist attraction.Just four years -- between 1860 and 1865 -- with close to 700,000 total killed, many thousands who were only wounded lost li... Read More »

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How to Appreciate American History?

A bunch of Americans do not know their own history. While people in Europe know more about American History than we do. I know some of you think that History is boring but for some of you that want... Read More »

How to Appreciate the American Revolution?

All men are created equal - Thomas JeffersonThe American Revolution marked the beginning of the United States of America as an independent country. It involved the War for Independence and the Decl... Read More »

How to Appreciate Modern American Architecture?

Modern American Architecture is the result of a three century process in which architecture took a swing from houses made out of tree trunk bases, to buildings of metal foundations, sheetrock walls... Read More »

How to Study the American Civil War?

The American Civil war was a very interesting war in American history and also very important to our history. It is the reason the US does not have slaves. To discover how to learn more about the c... Read More »