How to Appreciate a Soccer Game on TV?

Answer Don't just sit around and stare at the ball on the screen - get engaged!Getting the most out of a soccer game on TV means doing more than just sitting down and following the ball around the screen.... Read More »

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Who came up with the game soccer?

The game of soccer reportedly originated with the Chinese in the second century BC, although some evidence exists that a form of soccer was also played by Meso-American cultures. However, the moder... Read More »

How long is a soccer game?

A soccer game is 90 minutes, according to FIFA rules. The match is divided into two 45-minute halves, with a 15-minute break in the middle for halftime. In the event of a tie, FIFA rules permit two... Read More »

How long is a U9 soccer game?

A U-9 soccer game consists of two 25-minute halves or 50 minutes of playing time. The "under 9's" follow both the American Youth Soccer Organization and U.S. Youth Soccer game length guidelines for... Read More »

Where does the AR1 get positioned in a soccer game?

The AR1 is the assistant referee or linesman in a soccer game. He is positioned on the sideline and patrols one half of the field. His responsibilities include calling offside, determining out of b... Read More »