How to Appreciate Pizza Left Overs?

Answer You had pizza last night and you've a few slices leftover. This morning, you're craving a slice of the pie for breakfast, but you're not sure if the leftovers will taste like food. Often times, a s... Read More »

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How to Use Turkey Left Overs?

It's always better to have too much food than not enough. But if you take such advice to heart during Thanksgiving, what do you do with all that left over turkey? This article will offer some scrum... Read More »

How long can I keep the Thanksgiving day left overs If they are kept in the fridge.?

Cooked food can be kept in the refridgerator a varying amount of time based on ingrediants. All meats can be kept cooked for roughly four days. Any preserved sauces such as cranberry sauce will l... Read More »

When attending a social event and you bring food to it, is it rude to take the left overs home?

I agree it's kinda rude to do it without your saying "Why don't you take these home with you...we'll never be able to finish it." or something along those lines. We always wait for the host or hos... Read More »

Are they any Shakey's Pizza's left any more?