How to Appreciate Martial Arts?

Answer Martial arts are a beautiful art form and a great way to get fit but before you start learning you have to learn to appreciate them as an art form.

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How to Bow in Martial Arts?

Bowing is a form of respect in Martial Arts. Since you don't have time to shake everyone's hand, we bow.

How to Jab in Martial Arts?

The jab is an important technique in any martial art. It can be used to keep your opponent away, set them up for a knock out move, as part of a combo, or to finish your opponent off (if you're good... Read More »

How to Shout in Martial Arts?

Often, you will find that the practitioners of various martial arts will shout when they do a kick or punch, or other form of strike. Known as kiai or ki-hap, this article will teach you the exact ... Read More »

How to Get a Martial Arts Career?

Most kids have wanted to become ninjas at one point or another. Others want to be a ninja, even past childhood. But did you know that it is actually possible to pursue that career? Read on.